Asymmetrical Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access Rate Quotes

Asymmetrical Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access Rate Quotes T1 Line
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We provide asymmetrical Ethernet dedicated Internet access rate quotes
to business customers who
need a dedicated connection to the Internet at very
 affordable rates. This is a new type of connection that costs much less than
other similar lines while delivering business class performance with a service
level agreement that outperforms cable and DSL lines.

The bandwidth for this type of connection has a higher download while still
delivering a solid upload, so you are not paying for a high upload that many
companies do not need. The cost is so low that you can even add this kind
of line to your current line to obtain significantly more download bandwidth
in addition to establishing a redundant connection for fail over purposes.

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Asymmetrical Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access Rate Quotes

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Below are the benefits of AEOC connections:
 Much lower cost than symmetrical connections
 True Business class service level agreement
Reliable alternative to Cable and DSL lines
 Dedicated bandwidth with low latency
 30 day satisfaction guarantee
 Supports VOIP and QoS

These lines are perfect for the following situations:
Metro locations that need more downstream than upstream bandwidth
 Users who need a low cost redundant line for fail over purposes
 Users who need to augment bandwidth for current connections
Locations where symmetrical bandwidth is far to expensive
Anyone who has had trouble with Cable or DSL service

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